Big Trouble in Little Seattle

The Story so Far

After manipulating the Yakuza boss Hideki into sending his army to their unavoidable doom at the hands of the local White Court Vampires, and after pure mortal and purer badass Kintaro Jones defeated him in single combat, it was revealed by Wizard Guy Cayce that Hideki was only a pawn in a much larger game. Inducting Nathaniel, much to his annoyance, into the Oblivion War, Guy revealed that a dangerous tome of rituals was stolen from a freighter at the Port of Seattle and that it must be destroyed at all costs. A then unknown person had used Hideki’s resources to secure the tome, erase any memory of their interaction and seemingly fade into the shadows.

A year passed and Kintaro stepped in to fill the vacuum left by his former friend and forged a temporary truce with the Skavis clan to the benefit of both parties. After a brief run in with the Winter Knight of the Fae, the gang was invited to an art exhibition by local artist Zachary Hughes. Upon viewing Hughes’ masterpieces, Nathaniel realized that the designs incorporated several sigils from the tome and promptly purchased them all to destroy them. Rumors at the exhibition led to an abandoned warehouse where cultists possessing copies of pages from the tome were engaged in a cannibalistic ritual but were stopped before it could be completed. Before executing the last of them, it was revealed that they were only a small section of a larger cult.

In the coming weeks, the numbers of dead homeless began to increase, all of them eaten to varied degrees. The Erlking informed his emissary, Andrew, that there was a dangerous spike in predatory activity and dispatched him to find and eliminate the cause. The group was brought together through their various means of investigation and happened upon a gang of ghouls in the midst of an abduction. One escaped and led them to a nest which was crushed through devastating act of thaumaturgy.

As the dust settled, the mastermind stepped from the shadows and revealed himself. It was Bagley Wright, local patron of the arts, socialite, one of the investors in the construction of the Space Needle, and apparently a dark wizard. Sure of his victory, he revealed that he was the leader of this cult of ghouls and made a calculated retreat into the Nevernever. Nathaniel held open the quickly closing portal and everyone rushed through to hopefully finish the fight once and for all…


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